Infrastructure As Code: Fueling the fire for faster application delivery

To achieve success in today’s digital age, enterprises must be customer-obsessed and systematically reinvent themselves to serve informed and empowered customers. Leading companies rely heavily on software applications to win, serve, and retain these customers. Software creates better customer experiences, and delivering innovative software faster gives companies a distinct competitive advantage.(Forester reseach)

But faster delivery of applications is challenging for both infrastructure and operations (i.e., Ops) professionals and application development and delivery (i.e., Dev) teams. Both are under pressure to increase speed without compromising quality. To maximize their efforts, neither team can go it alone — they must work together to find a common set of processes and tools that help them both.

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Azure Resource Manager Template Best Practices

  arm, azure, cloud, templates

I was tasked with helping refactoring the Azure Resource Manager deployment templates. They wanted something that had some consistency, as well as increased flexibility. The week following this, I was on-site with one of my ISV partners where we had a similar need. Both these projects helped drive my understanding and skill with ARM templates to an entirely new level. Along the way I learned a few tips/tricks that I figured I’d pass along to you. JSON is “object” notation

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